Adirondack Winter Photography with Kurt Gardner

Adirondack Winter Photography with Kurt Gardner

Saturday & Sunday, February 18 & 19, 2017

Saturday: 9:30am-5pm

Sunday: 6:30am-1pm


This workshop is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced photographers who are looking for a crash course in maximizing the use of their cameras and lenses to achieve Picture Perfect Shots! 

The first day of the workshop Kurt will go over camera settings, composition and exposure in order to achieve the best shots possible. Then you will go outside to finish the day shooting.

You will start your next day off at first light, traveling around and shooting some of Kurt’s local favorite scenic spots.

He will have his computer and a projector so you can display and go over each other's photos. 

You will be shooting in 2 to 3 locations in The Old Forge Area and he will be showing you how to shoot auto modes and override your exposures to get file exposures in the snow. If you know how to shoot in manual modes that's not a problem.

If your interested but not sure if this is right for you just get in touch with Kurt to talk it over. Meals are the responsibility of the participant. Feel free to reach out to him for recommendations

Things you’ll need: 1. DSLR preferred  2. A sturdy tripod (recommended, not necessary)  3. Snacks and beverages, also, any medication you might need 4. Make sure your cameras are fully charged and bring your battery chargers. 5.Don’t forget your outdoor clothing, snow shoes recommended and warm winter gear.

We will be in locations that are a 10 minute hike to vehicles but should be capable of trekking through the trails.