CNYWS Watercolor Series: Chinese Brush with Jane Grace Taylor

CNYWS Watercolor Series: Chinese Brush with Jane Grace Taylor

We will be exploring the free expressive media of watercolors on rice paper, a method developed in ancient china over 2000 years ago that is modern in its free flowing style and brush work.


Symbolic of longevity and achievement

The liveliness and responsiveness of Ink on the rice papers of ancient eastern arts brings a passing bird to life.

The paper is as delicate as a butterfly’s wing, so the brushstrokes must be light quick and decisive.

This style- Chinese "Lingnan" school watercolors from southern China-(over 2000 years old),encourages the student to paint freely and expressively. It is  an excellent medium to express the life  around us. The workshops I teach are designed to help the student work more spontaneously. The "rice “or cotton paper(shuen) used in the class is made to be brushed quickly and the brush and ink are harmonious partners. A century old companionship that, along with the inkstone are known as the “four treasures “.    I teach techniques designed to help the student to make the maximum statement with a minimum of brush strokes. The “yin and yang “ of painting ,each stroke an echo of the motion of the brush. I have trained with East Asian masters such as Lingnan master Henry Wo Khee Chee from Hong Kong
Cheng-khee Chee ,Ning Yeh and  Freda Lee McCann. I have been exploring ink on paper for twenty years , influenced by years practicing various martial arts.


 Materials List

  • Sumi e rice paper or double shuen (xuan) (oriental art supply) or sugi gama-Water soluble Chinese ink
  • Bamboo brushes ,small medium and large
  • A few sheets of newsprint to practice strokes 
  • A felt blanket , or a white towel -(this will get paint on it)
  • Two water buckets 
  • A palette 
  • Small spray bottles for water and paint –holbein makes a good one-Paper towels or soft rags (old towels)
  • Any watercolors (EXCEPT Cotman -this paint often has weak pigment )

Holbein colors work best.

Suggested colors

  • Chinese White
  • Chinese ink-water soluble
  • imidazolone lemon yellow
  • Royal Blue
  • quinocridone Red
  • yellow ochre or quinocridone yellowLemon
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Vermillion
  • viridian


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