Get to Know Our Ceramic Studio/Pottery Circle with Bette Rintrona

Get to Know Our Ceramic Studio/Pottery Circle with Bette Rintrona


Mondays, May 1-May 29, 2017 from 10AM-1PM


This class is a great way to get to know our ceramic studio as a beginner, intermediate or advanced potter. You decide what the class will be for you! You can either be taught through instructor guided hand built projects, work on group based projects, or work independently on your own work. This class will introduce you to our studio procedures through various projects that the instructors will teach or that you come up with on your own so that you can learn the basics or use our studio for the first time if you are an advanced potter. This class allows you to work independently or with a group on specific projects that will be taught.

This class also makes you eligible to sign up for our monthly Independent Pottery, which allows you to use the pottery space on your own terms and own a shelf for a month where you can store your belongings and pottery creations.

If you are already an experienced potter and have used out facilities before it is also a great way to participate in this group oriented and collaborative Pottery Circle every Monday listed. This class will be a good way for potters to gather as a congenial group working on some of the projects that you have been anxious to create.

This is an opportunity for those working in ceramics to work in a state of the art facility in an open studio environment. This circle of potters will not only influence each other’s growth, but enrich the artistic community at View.


1.  This class is perfect for an individual with no experience. The initial projects are easy to complete and will give you an opportunity to work with clay and become familiar with how our studio functions.

 2.  This class is perfect for potters with either wheel throwing or hand building experience that would like to become familiar with our studio, equipment, and procedures, and meet the requirements to be an independent potter. (This level of expertise allows a potter to come into the studio on their own and make ceramic pieces.)

 3.  If you are a potter who is self-motivated and has many ideas of your own, this class is ideal for you to work independently in. You may however choose any of the projects that appeal to you, as well.

 Please consider joining us for the month of May and work at any of the levels listed above. This is a wonderful time of year to work with clay and make some great projects.