The Wildlife Art Ventures Of Tom Yacovella

The Wildlife Art Ventures Of Tom Yacovella

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"Yacovella's paintings treat the viewer to real wildlife dramas he has observed in the field. His detailed illustrations tell stories of the subjects' moods and postures, ranging from predator and prey behavior, to the intimate moments of courting and parenting. Each image is accompanied by his firsthand account of the rare moment in nature he has witnessed and depicted on canvas.

Also featured is a section on Yacovella's extraordinary sculpture, "Tribute to the Whitetail," the full-size, lifelike figure of a whitetail buck he crafted from over 300 naturally shed antlers.

The first part of the book traces the events of Yacovella's life that led him from an orphanage in Utica, to success in the advertising world, to ultimately realizing his dream of becoming a full-time wildlife artist.

The book's subtitle, "Keep Looking for a Bluebird," references Yacovella's watercolor of the same name that has won four major international art awards. "It also reflects my hope that the publication will inspire those who read it," Yacovella explains."