Thunderstruck Film: TS13

Thunderstruck Film: TS13

Thunderstruck Films was one of the pioneers in the Snowmobiling Film Genre of extreme sports, joining Slednecks and Frontier Films as industry leaders. Specializing in backcountry riding, chute-climbing and deep-powder riding, Team Thunderstruck has grown worldwide into the leaders in hillclimbing sled films and with each passing year raises the "bar" they set back in 2000 with their film "Thunderstruck." Now, with over 15 films under their creative and collective belts, Team Thunderstruck hope all who watch and get that little squirt of adrenaline might join the legions of new snowmobilers worldwide!

Thunderstruck Films mission is to promote the sport of snowmobiling through the filming of our crazy antics and to hope that no one ever tries to repeat what we do in our films!

This showing will feature TS13. The front of the backcountry riding movement stars the Thunderstruck crew. With each year the riders of this crew advances to the upper echelons of the skill and domination of the sport of snowmobiling. And now, the longest-running major High-Definition release in our industry is back, Thunderstruck 13! Enjoy the best chute climbers, the best tree riders, the best cliff droppers, the best technical riders and the funniest and craziest powder slayers! Starring Dan Gardiner, Randy Swenson, Aaron Case, Trennis Baer, Phatty Dyer, Linden Ladouceur, Matt Entz, Jim Phelan, Smasher and many, many more! 100% family friendly.

This presentation will benefit the Inlet Barnstormers and NYSSA.

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