Watercolor Basics: Getting Started with Martha Deming, TWSA, PSA

Watercolor Basics: Getting Started with Martha Deming, TWSA, PSA

Thursdays, July 7, 2016-August 11, 2016 from 10am-12pm

Course Description: View offers you a 6 week class for getting acquainted with the infinitely fascinating medium of watercolor. The class will be an easy introduction of watercolor basics for beginners, for the “I used to paint when I was a in school” folks and a useful review for watercolor painters who have been away from their palettes for too long. It is a “can do” class for those who think they can’t paint and for anyone who has watched someone else paint and thought, “I wish I could do that” or “I’d like to try that”, but who never found the time or took the opportunity to do so until now. It’s never too late. Here’s the opportunity to dip your toes in the watercolor pool and have some fun. Scheduled to coincide with ANEAW and a CNYWS Signature show, you will be provided with world class examples in these two top level watercolor shows while working through a series of easy, non-threatening lessons including “homework” options with instructor Martha Deming, TWSA, PSA. We want to paint because it looks like fun and with this class you will discover that it really is fun. Make the watercolor adventure part of your summer plans. Won’t you join this class and surprise yourself with how well you’ll do while opening the door to the world of watercolor?  

This class is intended to build a basic skill level with the watercolor medium that will whet your appetite for watercolors as well as prepare you to continue on with the medium in other workshops and classes (or on your own), or simply to have a deepened appreciation for watercolor paintings that you might see in shows such as VIEW’s ANEAW and any CNYWS or other watercolor society show and an awareness of the expertise of the artists who create the paintings you will see.    

$250/$200 Member (price does not include materials, see material list below)

Space is limited, preregistration is required no later than Monday June 27, 2016